Cement Holcim Mass Pour

Holcim Vietnam

Product features

Holcim Mass Pour has been developed for large concrete pours, like foundation blocks and transfer beams, to reduce the risk of thermal cracking linked to heat development in the concrete.


- "Holcim Mass Pour" (Thi Vai) contains > 50% recycled content, largely above Lotus requirements (>10%), - In cement production, about 90% of the green house gases are associated with the production of clinker, an intermediate material in cement production. To replace a fraction of clinker by industrial materials such as fly ashes, blast furnace or silica fumes, is to reduce directly the amount of greenhouse gases, required for cement production. - Holcim is certified ISO 14001 (environmental quality standard)
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Holcim Vietnam

9th-10th Floor, Fideco Tower,81-85 Ham Nghi

City: Hồ Chí Minh

Phone Number: +84.8.3914 9000


Website: http://www.holcim.com.vn

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