Double Parabolic Louver Fitting – Vdu Fitting

Phoenix Co.

Product features

Body: Made of heavy gauge steel
Reflector: High quality specular Anodised aluminium.
Paintwork: Fully coated with a high gloss white epoxy polyester powder, giving resilient finish.
Light Source: Fluorescent T5 14W, 28W.
Electrical Data: 240V, 50Hz, Power factor 0.9
O Wire: HR 105 C
Ballast: Electronic Ballast
Condenser: Metallised Polyptopylene Film
Lampholder: Moulded from Polycarbonate Material
Optinal components: High frequency electronic ballast El emergency power pack Fused terminal block


Contact Details

Phoenix Co.

2-B2 (C5-7), N4 Strees, Hoa Xa Industrial Park, Nam Dinh city

City: Nam Định

Phone Number: +84 4 747 8125



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