Ray Guard

Bachai Johnson window film

Product features

Whether it’s your first sport coupe, a multi-purpose truck, or the family’s SUV, Johnson Window Films’Ray Guard delivers a dual package of cool looks and tremendous value. Available in both single and dual-ply construction, Ray Guard’s non-reflective film line delivers effective solar and UV protection while providing a protective coat to your car’s interior.

With many of today’s automobiles equipped with rear window antenna, GPS and satellite systems, Ray Guard’s dyed construction is non-conductive and therefore will not interfere with these types of electronic systems.

Ray Guard also comes in 5 charcoal-color shades to choose from—giving both a touch of cool and a touch of class.

Ray Guard Product Benefits:

• Dyed construction – good value coupled with an appealing charcoal look
• Non-conductive – safe for rear window radio, GPS and satellite systems
• Cuts down on hazardous glare – provides a more comfortable driving experience
• Rejects heat – provides a more comfortable driving experience
• Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays – reduces interior fading (seats, carpet and woodtrim) and helps minimize health risks
• CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat – long lasting durability
• Backed by Johnson Window Films’ comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty program

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Bachai Johnson window film

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