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Thang Long refri- Electric

Product features

20 years of establishing,developing and growing.
– 1987 set up from Vinh Long co-operative,an independent accounting unit.
– 1989 totally separated to found Thang Long Electric-Refrigerating shop.
– 1994 changed into Thang Long electric Refrigerating Enterprise.
– 2004 changed into Thang Long Industrial Electric Refrigerating and Trading Service Joint Stock company.
Over 17 years of trading and vocational training,Thang Long Electric Refrigerating company continuously developers both in depth and in width. With the objectives of breaking through in new technologies,taking the lead in every innovative period and supplying products such as industrial air conditioner and refrigerating machine as well as home applicants for example washing machines,microwave oven,refrigerators and air conditioners which always gain consumer’s trust
Especially with the design and manufacture air conditioning systems to make ice cream, , the domestic and foreign customers also like it. This is also motivation for Thang Long stable development.

Along with the production & business is vocational training for northern young people. This helps strengthen for company’s branches after the course finished. These factors have put the brand position and market shares of companies such as Thang Long as today.

Contact Details

Thang Long refri- Electric

176 Ton Duc Thang St., Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam

City: Hà Nội

Phone Number: 84-4-22190058



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