SUNMARK – Solar Thermal Solutions for large scale installation


Product features

Sunmark is solar thermal solutions include hot water, heating, cooling for hotels & resorts, residential buildings, hospitals, food & beverages, dairy, brewery, confectionery, tannery, solar central district heating .Sunmark is give customers a low fix energy price, attractive investment, leading technology, turn-key solutions, green profile.

- Solar panels 14 m2 for large scale installation for industrial projects. Usually the performance of solar system with panel 14 m2 is higher than normal panel (2 m2), the heating lost of normal solar panel system will be higher than panel 14 m2. - SUNMARK uses indirect technology, meet outlet temperature to about 50-95 degrees, so the life of indirect solar system will be longer, the performance of solar panels will be longer, and easier to maintain solar system. SUNMARK apply high technology in control system. This helps you control solar system completely easy like hot water temperature, pumps, flows… online via computer. - Solar panels produced in Vietnam as Danish Technology. - Solar panels as ISO 9001, EN 12975-2, Solar Keymark Certificate.
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Lot D-8A3-CN, My Phuoc Industrial Park No.3, Ben Cat Dist., Binh Duong

City: Hồ Chí Minh

Phone Number: 0650 3577 533



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